What if I need help?

No matter how experienced you are in using computers, you may still find yourself in need of help. That’s where University of Detroit Mercy’s extensive support services come in. If you are not sure who to contact about what, this list should help.

I need help using an online course tool

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is here to help students and faculty use online course tools more efficiently and effectively. The CETL is also here to help if you happen to encounter an error message when trying to use an online tool. There are a few ways you can take to get help from the CETL:

  • The CETL home page is an excellent source of help outside of regular (8:30AM – 5:00PM EST) business hours. If you need help using a tool, this is the best place to start.
  • Contact the CETL via phone at (313) 578-0580 or via email at ask-cetl@udmercy.edu

When contacting the CETL for help, please be sure to include your course ID, the section (e.g., NUR5700 OL), and let us know where in the course we can find the tool you’re having a problem with.

I need help with email, My Portal, or logging into Blackboard

Information Technology Services (ITS) supports all My Portal and Email services. This includes email accounts, online registration, and even logging into Blackboard (because you will also use your Microsoft O365 username and password to log into Blackboard). To get help with any of these services, you’ll want to contact the ITS helpdesk: (313) 993-1500 or helpdesk@udmercy.edu. You can also select a specific service and make an appoint  here.

I need help finding or using online library materials

A Librarian Consultant is assigned to each subject area taught at the University. The Librarian Consultant have developed lists of resources, including books and databases, that would be of particular interest to students and faculty for each subject area. You can find these resources, as well as the contact information for the librarian consultant, on the Libraries’ Research Guides Page.

The Detroit Mercy Libraries also offer 24-7 chat support via the Libraries home page.

If you are having problems accessing library resources, contact George Libbey, Associate Dean for Public Services at (313) 993-1078 or libbeygh@udmercy.edu.

I have questions about content or an activity inside my online course

For questions related to content and activities in your online course, you should contact your professor either during class sessions (in synchronous courses) or via email, using your University of Detroit Mercy email account. All online courses on Blackboard also include a Messages tool that you can use to contact your professor, whether you have their email address handy or not. Need help using the tool in Blackboard? Click here for more information.

I have questions about my online program

If you have unanswered questions about your online program, you should contact the program chair. You will find the program chair’s contact information in the About the Programs section of this site.


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