Is online education right for you?

Online education at the University of Detroit offers numerous benefits to learners. Not only will you be instructed by leading experts in your field of study, but you will be able to take advantage of the online modality’s convenience and engage with your classes through a variety of educational technology and best practices. Before you begin your journey, however, it is important to reflect upon whether online education is the right fit for you right now. 

Please review the following list of qualities to determine if online programming fits within your skill set and lifestyle, keeping in mind that even if you cannot answer yes to all these questions now, the University of Detroit Mercy offers numerous online support services to help to the motivated learner become better prepared for your educational journey.

Am I…


Taking a course online requires discipline. There will not be anyone standing over your shoulder, making sure you are participating in online discussions, watching lectures, or completing readings. To succeed, you will need to be self-motivated to manage your time in a meaningful way. This includes regularly blocking time off time your schedule to complete your coursework, connecting with instructors when you have questions or concerns, as finally, having a quiet place to focus on your course work.

Comfortable with technology?

You do not need to be a computer expert to be a good online student, but you will need to be comfortable using basic technology. Your laptop or desktop will be your classroom for the duration of your program, so being at ease using it will be key to your success. If you can check, send, and attach files to email, search and browse commonly used sites like YouTube, Facebook, or Amazon, and you can view and produce simple documents and presentations using productivity software like Microsoft Office, you will be able to effectively navigate your online courses.

Comfortable with actively reading academic content?

While a lot of your online course time may be spent watching videos, listening to audio, or interacting with your classmates and professors using synchronous classroom tools, you will likely spend quite of bit of time completing reading assignments. You will be reading textbooks, journal articles, and notes from your professors and classmates. As such, a good level of reading comprehension will be critical to your performance as an online student.

Able to express myself effectively in academic writing?

While many online courses incorporate technology that allows you to communicate with your professors and peers using your voice, your primary mode of interaction will often be through writing. Academic writing in an online course moves beyond sending text messages or making a social media post. Writing in an academic environment requires good planning and organization as well as effective time management to complete your projects. 

A Reflection Point… If you have all the skills and qualities listed above, then congratulations! You are an excellent candidate for online learning! If you are still developing some these skills, the University of Detroit Mercy has many resources and systems to support to help bring you up to speed and ensure you are a successful in your endeavors. 


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