Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics



Required Courses (24 credits)

CIS 5550 / DATA 5550 Database Design 3 cr.
CIS 5560 / DATA 5560 Database Management 3 cr.
CSSE 5310 / DATA 5310 Introduction to Data Mining 3 cr.
DATA 5001 Science and Data 3 cr.
DATA 5060 or MTH 5270 Advanced Statistics for Applied Data Analytics or Probability and Statistics 3 cr.
DATA 5130 Capstone Project 3 cr.
ECN 5150 / DATA 5130 Quantitative Foundations for Data Analysis / Quantitative Foundations for Economic Analysis 3 cr.
ECN 5800 Economic Modeling for Data Analysis 3 cr.

Electives (6 credits)

As approved by advisor.

Capstone Project Guidelines

Students pursuing the Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics (MS-ADA) must complete the 30 credit-hour program by a Capstone Project (DATA 5130). A Capstone Project is a variable credit course with a maximum of three credits and will draw upon areas of interest to the student. Students in their first year are recommended to start exploring potential project topics in consultation with the academic advisor and other faculty members in the program and complete the project over two consecutive semesters. For more details on how to proceed on the project, please refer to the MS-ADA Capstone Project Guidelines on the MS-ADA program website