Nursing Education Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

The Nursing Education Certificate Program (14 credits) at the University of Detroit Mercy provides qualified nurses with the opportunity to learn the principles and practice of education for the preparation of individuals for nursing careers.

The certificate program includes learning in the areas of curriculum development and evaluation, course design, teaching/learning methodologies, and assessment of student learning, in classroom and clinical settings. Nurses considering teaching in a nursing education program will benefit from studying the art and science of education, which is designed to promote the ability of nurses to facilitate others in learning the art and science of nursing.


  1. Exemplify various teaching/learning strategies and approaches appropriate for classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings.
  2. Integrate facilitation of learner development and formation as nurses into personal growth as an educator.
  3. Explain the processes of curricular design and evaluation of program outcomes.
  4. Design and implement curriculum development and evaluation projects.
  5. Develop a set of resources and a plan for ongoing self-development as an educator.
  6. Differentiate the teaching, scholarship, and service roles of the educator.