Advanced Electric Vehicle

Thank you for your interest in the University of Detroit Mercy Advanced Electric Vehicle Graduate Certificate. The certificate program is offered at the McNichol's Campus and at a location in Dearborn.  Many of the courses are also offered online.

The certificate program began January 2010 and prepares automotive engineers in the unique skills needed to build the next generation of advanced electric vehicles. Apply to this program and lead your company into the future.

The purpose of this certificate program is to rapidly infuse important Advanced Electric Vehicle (AEV) knowledge and capabilities into the technological teams of the automotive and defense ground vehicle industries. It is aimed at specific learning outcomes defined in direct collaboration with leaders in AEV development at Ford Motor Company. Students successful in these courses will learn to apply their engineering talents, and formal model-based design techniques, to the development of advanced electric vehicles.

Engineers in this program take courses designed by "competency teams" whose explicit purpose is to create a curriculum that is directly responsive to industry's needs and deploys the most current technologies, methods and tools emerging from universities, corporations, and national laboratories. These tools are directly applicable to the design of AEVs in particular, and complex electromechanical systems in general.

AEV steering wheel image

How your journey begins

The AEV Graduate Certificate program:

  • Requires an undergraduate degree in engineering or science, or five years of relevant professional experience (in addition to permission of the program director).
  • Can be pursued as a stand-alone certificate, or its courses can be applied to the pursuit of one of four master's degree programs within UDM's College of Engineering and Science.
  • Can be completed in one calendar year.

Roadmap to your AEV Graduate Certificate

Taught by a distinguished group of industry leaders and academic experts, the AEV Graduate Certificate program offers seven core and elective courses. For certificate completion, students must take the three core courses and two of the elective courses:

Core: Introduction to Advance Elective Vehicles

Core: Electric Drives/Electromechanical Energy Conversion

Core: Controls Modeling and Design for AEVs

Elective: Energy Storage Systems/Battery Technologies

Elective: Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles

Elective: Innovation and Systems Architecture for AEVs

Elective: Systems Engineering for AEVs

Accelerate you ... and your company into the future

Gain real-world knowledge, best practices, skills and competencies that translate into a competitive edge in today's everchanging and technologically challenging marketplace. Change the course of your future today by enrolling in the Advanced Electric Vehicle Graduate Certificate program.