Clinical Nurse Leader — Post Master's Certificate

The post-master's Clinical Nurse Leader Certificate Program at the University of Detroit Mercy provides qualified nurses an opportunity to gain advanced generalist knowledge in: leadership at the point of care, assessment, management and evaluation of healthcare delivery systems, quality improvement, safety, evidence-based practice, informatics, and outcomes This serves allow leaders to function in the role of the Clinical Nurse Leader in various health care settings.

Established to recognize nurses who have completed Master of Science in Nursing degrees, this certificate program builds on past clinical course work to incorporate unique attributes of microsystem leadership and lateral integration, quality improvement, evidence-based practice, outcomes management, and management of complex work environments. This creates nurse leaders who can address contemporary issues in an evolving healthcare environment by addressing fragmentation of care, systems inefficiencies, and concerns about patient safety and quality of care.

The post-master's CNL certificate program requires 19 credit hours of course work, including a clinical immersion project (designed with the health system partner). The program is taught in an engaging online format that is flexible and student-centered. Students need not be a resident of Michigan to enroll in the program. Clinical sites and qualified preceptors are identified near the student's home to complete the required clinical immersion A certificate of completion is awarded at the completion of the certificate program requirements. Students completing the course requirements for the post-master's CNL certificate program will be eligible to sit for the Clinical Nurse Leader board certification examination offered by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and the Commission on Certification for Nurses.