Student Email Policy

Please note: These policies have been identified as pertaining specifically to online students and excerpted from the full student Policies and Code of Conduct. On-campus students and students interested in viewing the complete set of UDM student policies should check the latest student handbook.

All undergraduate and graduate students (including employees who are taking classes) will be assigned a University student email address with the expectation that they will read their email regularly. This will help ensure that they are kept informed of current University updates, deadlines, emergency notification, etc. It is the student’s responsibility to read all University correspondences sent to the student’s University email address by UDM faculty and administration.


UDM is committed to increasing its interactions with students and improving ways of conveying important information. This policy will enhance the ability of faculty and administrative offices to send official and course-related information to students via email with minimal barriers.


In general, redirecting UDM email to another non-University email address is not encouraged. The University will not be responsible for the handling of email by outside service providers or servers. Having UDM email redirected to another account does not absolve a student from the responsibilities associated with timely reading of communications sent to an official email address. For those students who may not own a personal computer, a variety of computer resources are provided at sites around the campus in an effort to make the University email system relatively easy to access. Please refer to the Student Handbook and the IT web site for specific locations. Public libraries are also places where students can go to access email.