Master of Science in Computer & Information Systems with a major in software management


A student must complete 30 credit hours, which are comprised of five core courses and five electives.

Core (for all students)

CIS 5010 Introduction to Information Systems  3 cr.
CIS 5100 Object Orient Software Development 3 cr.
CIS 5200* Specification 3 cr.
CIS 5300 Software Assurance 3 cr.
CIS 5400 Software Management 3 cr.

Electives (Choose 5 from the list below)

Any CSSE graduate-level course not listed as a required course Comp Sci/Software Engineering Courses 3 cr.
Any CYBE graduate-level course Cybersecurity courses 3 cr.
MBA 5200 Decision Analysis 3 cr.
MBA 5260 Information Systems Technology 3 cr.
MBA 5335 Information Systems Technology 3 cr.

Master's Thesis Elective Option:

Note: A student may write a thesis with the approval of his/her advisor and the director of Graduate Business Programs. In this case, students are required to take only four electives.

CIS 5990 Certifications 6 cr.

Total: 30 credit hours