Master of Arts in Economics

A Master of Arts in Economics from University of Detroit Mercy offers a flexible program designed to produce graduates capable of applied research and progression to doctoral programs. You have the ability to learn and apply economics and financial principles to the U.S. and international financial systems. Grounded in a liberal arts foundation, this graduate degree program also provides students with a deeper knowledge of history, institutions and forces at work in the world economy. The flexibility of the program allows students to pursue or blend an applied concentration which provides for a more academically oriented program, or a theoretical concentration providing a more practical orientation.

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University of Detroit Mercy's Master of Arts in Economics will prepare you for career advancement in the private sector, non-profit institutions, school systems, industry and financial institutions, as well as in various levels of government. The Master of Arts in Economics prepares students with applied and theoretical knowledge to fulfill the essential demand in today's business world. The degree will also prepare you for managerial advancement in the rapidly evolving international sector of the economy.

Upon completion of the Master of Arts degree in Economics, a student will have:

  • working knowledge of how economics is woven into the fabric of institutions, industry and government
  • an understanding of international economics and how it relates to the U.S. economy
  • a greater awareness of moral and ethical issues and principles as they relate to economic concepts and theories

Career Options

The Master of Arts in Economics provides outstanding preparation for careers in law, government, business and finance. With the growth of financial institutions and their increasingly complex products and processes, there is a growing job market for graduates with economics degrees.

The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that employment prospects of economists are increasingly varied and growing with employment possibilities in both the public and private sectors as well as with not-for-profits institutions. The expanding globalization of trade and commerce has contributed to a brighter employment opportunity for economists. The wide range of positions includes forecasters, planners, analysts, as well as positions in secondary education and higher education.

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