Master of Science in Product Development


The Master of Science in Product Development requires 36 credit hours consisting of 33 credit hours of course work and a 3 credit hour capstone project/thesis. The program is a two calendar-year (six semester) experience beginning with an intensive full-time two week launch experience, followed by two courses per semester for six semesters.

Required Courses

MPD 5050 or AEV 5050 Systems Architecture 3 cr.
MPD 5100 or AEV 5070 Systems Engineering 3 cr.
MPD 5200 System and Project Management 3 cr.
MPD 5300 System Optimization 3 cr.
MPD 5350 Organizational Processes 3 cr.
MPD 5400 Finance and Managerial Accounting 3 cr.
MPD 5450 Marketing Management 3 cr.
MPD 5500 Operations Management 3 cr.
MPD 5600 Product Planning & Development 3 cr.
MPD 5990 Capstone Thesis and Project 3 cr.

Elective Courses (2 courses required)*

EMGT 5460 Product and Process Improvement: Lean Six Sigma I 3 cr.
ENGR 5790 Mechatronics: Modeling and Simulation 3 cr.
EMGT 5040 Administration of Technical Businesses 3 cr.
MPD 5750 Design for X 3 cr.

* Each cohort typically takes the same two electives as agreed upon by the students and program director. Other elective courses may be used with approval from the program director.