Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Completion


Module 1: Transitioning to the Baccalaureate Nurse (6 cr)

HIM 1090Health Informatics Management for the Practicing Nurse3 cr.
NUR 3250Transition to the Professional Nurse3 cr.

Module 2: Emerging Leaders (8 cr)

NUR 3255Leadership in Transformational Practice4 cr.
NUR 3260Project Development Phase 1 — Choosing Your Research Focus1 cr.
ETH 3580Healthcare Ethics3 cr.

Module 3: Clinical Inquiry and Management (8 cr)

NUR 3420Advanced Physical Assessment2 cr.
NUR 3265Pathophysiology3 cr.
NUR 3270Concepts in Pharmacology Management2 cr.
NUR 3275Project Development Phase 2 — Implementation Plan1 cr.

Module 4: Social Policy Research and Evidence-Based Practice (6 cr)

NUR 4225Evidence-based Practice Research3 cr.
NUR 4230Project Development Phase 3 — Implementation3 cr.

Module 5: Leaders in Population-Based Global Healthcare (7 cr)

NUR 4235Population-based Health within the Community3 cr.
NUR 4240Participative Leadership3 cr.
NUR 4245Project Development Phase 4 — Research Dissemination1 cr.

Supportive Core Requirements

BIO 2300Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology Lecture I3 cr.
BIO 2310Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab I1 cr.
BIO 2320Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology Lecture II3 cr.
BIO 2330Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab II1 cr.
SOC 1000Intro Sociology3 cr.
CHM 1015Chemical Principles3 cr.
PYC 1000Intro Psychology3 cr.

UDM Core Requirements

ENL 1310Academic Writing
CST 1010Fundamentals of Speech
MTH 1010Intermediate Algebra
PHL 1000Intro to Philosophy
2nd Philosophy or Religion
History (OB5A course)
Aesthetic (OB5C course)
Comparative Experience (OB5D course)

Nursing Transfer Equivalency Table