Clinical Nurse Leader — Post Master's Certificate


An individualized program of study will be designed based on an applicant's prior academic coursework and professional and clinical experiences. Transcripts from prior academic institutions will be reviewed by the Clinical Nurse Leader Program Coordinator/Advisor to determine an applicant's specific program of study. Transcripted completion of Advanced Health Assessment, Advanced Pathophysiology, and Advanced Pharmacology from an accredited Master of Science in Nursing degree is required and will be reviewed in accordance with existing MSON graduate program requirements. If these courses have not been completed prior to admission to the certificate program or are not equivalent to the course content in approved MSON courses, they will be added to the program plan on an individual basis. 

Required Courses

NUR 7400 Information Management & Decision Support 3 cr.
NUR 5350 Outcomes Management & Decision Support in Nursing 3
NUR 5420 Management of the Healthcare Environment 2 cr.
NUR 5450 Business Planning for Nurse Leaders 2 cr.
NUR 5650 Population Health & Care Transitions Management 2 cr.
NUR 5830 Leadership and Quality Improvement in Clinical Microsystems 3 cr.
NUR 5940 Clinical Immersion Experience 4 cr.
Total: 19 cr.