Master of Arts in the Teaching of Mathematics


1. Three courses (9 credits) in education are required:
EDU 5000 Research Methods 3 cr.
EDU 5170 (or 5160) Secondary (or Primary) Curriculum Instruction 3 cr.
EDU 5960 Program Planning, Development, Implementation and Evaluation 3 cr.
2. Three courses (9 credits) in mathematical content are required:
MED 5840 History of Mathematics 3 cr.
MED 5870 Finite Mathematics 3 cr.
MED 5900 Logic and Mathematical Inquiry 3 cr.
3. Three courses (9 credits) in mathematics education are required:
MED 5600 Psychology of Mathematics 3 cr.
MED 5640 Instructional Technology in Mathematics 3 cr.
MED 5770 Teaching Mathematics with Manipulatives 3 cr.

4. For the capstone experience of the program, completed at or near the end of the program,
students must choose either the Thesis or Non-Thesis option (6 credits):

MED 6990 Master's Thesis 6 cr.
MED 5980 Teaching Portfolio 3 cr.
MED 5990 Research Project 3 cr.

The requirements listed above apply to students who are now entering the program. Students admitted prior to the Fall 2012 semesters may have different program requirements, and are permitted to retain their older program requirements if desired.