Master of Arts in the Teaching of Mathematics

The Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics (MATM) program is designed to improve and augment the mathematical skills of high school and middle school teachers. Students are introduced to modern instruction methods relying on state-of-the-art instructional technology. In particular, the use of information technology to support and enhance the teaching of mathematics is emphasized.

MATM graduates are well-prepared teacher leaders who improve the teaching of mathematics at their schools, with innovative pedagogy and redesign of curricula. Emphasis is placed on mathematics content mastery as well as innovative pedagogy, and the program prides itself on its offerings of instructional technology and educational psychology courses specifically oriented toward mathematics teaching. MATM students are made very familiar with current research in mathematics education, and conduct research projects and/or write full Master's theses before earning the degree.

Some interesting facts:

  • Michigan teachers receive a 60% tuition discount.
  • All classes are taught by full-time UDM Professors and Instructors.
  • The MATM is the only online Master's program combining classes in Mathematics content, Math Education pedagogy, and Educational Management classes. All classes are taught by professors with degrees in these specialties.
  • Past students have published research articles with MATM faculty.